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Who's Skywalker

I'm an Egyptian born alchemist, mystic, spiritual guide and energy healer. I run my own successful spiritual travel business Stargate Tours and the Sungate Mystery School for over a decade organizing and leading sacred journeys, spiritual retreats and pilgrimages to ancient temples and sacred sites around the planet to connect people with the sacred through direct experience and Initiations into Divinity. My work is for all paths connecting people from all over the world to Divinity and Oneness through Heart Unity Consciousness.

I created Skywalker Healings to share my healing practice with the world. I'm a global citizen with residence in Egypt, Germany, Peru, USA & Iceland. I live in full devotion to Spirit, a life of service to the greater good of creation and humanity. My prime interest is embodying Divinity and being a pure open clear channel of Source in service to life. I work with Source, Christ Consciousness, Diivine Flames, Plasma Light, Celestial energies & the Kundalini Primal Life Force of creation on  personal, universal and planetary levels for the benefit of all.

I am a Sun Priest Initiate. My work is igniting the Eternal Source Flame of Creation within the New Earth Temples and the heart of humanity.

I'm also a family man with a five years old beautiful son angel who will carry forward my work. He's also Skywalker.

A Source Alchemist, sungazer, grid worker, interdimensional healer, facilitator & teacher of ascension technology & spiritual courses with various certificates in advanced alternative healing modalities and a successful practice for over ten years. My main focus is on embodying Source and being a clear channel of Divinity in service to life, spirituality, self regenerative & longevity practices, original source creation, sacred geometry & immortality science. Activating Christ Consciousness, the divine blueprint & light body, working with Higher evolutionary currents, universal physics, creation physics, quantum physics, metaphysics, Star Wisdom, Sacred Sexuality and Primal Creation  Forces in service to the Greater Good. 

Divinity Activations

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Spiritual Background

The ancient lineage of Hor Skywalker, Horus of the Horizons, goes way back from before Ancient Egypt and Atlantis where the original Djedi Order was found, symbolized by the Djed Pillar of Osiris the Primordial Father's vertical shaft of light, the Axis Mundi that links the heavens and celestial realms to the Earth and underworld through the Zero Point. This is a field of Unity Consciousness of Prime Source Creator that emanates a Gnostic Ray through the celestial wormhole umbilical chord that links Humanity to the Divine. It is the vibrating chord in Quantum Physics. This Axis Mundi (axis of the world) extends upwards into the Sky while rooted deep in the Earth's crystalline core, like a holy mountain, a pillar of Light connecting the realms.

This symbol of the Divine Masculine represents the role of anchored Divinity, Spirit taking form, Consciousness materializing to become a channel of pure Light and life force from Source in service to life, humanity, and a gateway to Immortality. It is the foundation of civilization and any true temple of God/dess. As this shaft of Light, the staff of God, rod of RA fills the chalice of wisdom, the holy grail, with liquid light seeding the tree of life.

The fertile Divine Seed of Conscious Regeneration constantly links all existence to Source zero point womb of creation through a Spiral toroidal field. It is the field of Conscious Divinity that creates, maintains, guards, guides and protects the realms. Skywalker is one who travels through this Axis Mundi channeling Divine Light, Life Force and pure Source energy in service to Life, Creation and Humanity.

The frequency of Osiris is that of Self Regeneration, given the light blue green turquoise color, the naturally occurring regenerative life force in Nature. That's why as an archetypal representation of the Primordial Father, He's known as the Lord of Resurrection & the Underworld for this is where we go to recharge, regenerate, resurrect and Ascend Transfigured into the Immortal Body. Hor(us). The Solar Christ.

This is an aspect of the Cosmic Christ energy. The Solar Force of Creation. The energy of RA. With the Grace of the Divine Mother, the pure life force energy is birthed into manifestation. It is this Source union energy of Consciousness and Creation, Spirit and Matter. The blood of Christ. The Blood of RA (Liquid Light). With the diamond light-body of Sophia.

From the deepest darkness of the Primordial Void Womb of Creation, the Eternal Body of the Great Central Sun is forged. These teachings are linked to Sacred Sexuality, Divine Alchemy, High Tantra and Creation Physics. It is the link of Metaphysics & Quantum Physics to Universal Creation and Astro Physics for it involves working with pure plasma, dark matter, the Void, Solar light, DNA, advanced genetics and embodying the Celestial Bodies and the primordial life giving forces of Creation. These are some pretty advanced teachings that I will get into later. But now you get an idea of where Hor Skywalker Healings is going.

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