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Divinity Activation

Healing Ceremony


Montsegur Solar Christ Intitiation Summer Solstice

11 Days Mstery School Immersion at Montegur with Holy Grail Mysteries Revelations, Kryst Sophia Ordination  & Solar Christ Initiations. For those who are ready & devoted to diving deep into the Mysteries & embody the fullness of their Divinity in service to Eternal Life. 


Equinox Stargate Activation Portal

3 Days Soul Treat


Solstice Soul Treat

Solstice Sacred Journey


Luna's Temple Banquet

Full Moon Gathering


Source Biogenesis Frequency

The process I offer is quite simple and graceful using pure source energy, inner alchemy of primal sound, light and living geometry. I wish to share the energy of bliss and ecstatic union with Divinity. The self regenerative life force of our primal essence. I open a pure channel of Spirit Source energy and ignite the primal creation fire of the solar force of consciousness to activate a regenerative field of bio-genesis that creates healing, rejuvenation and balance. This can awaken Consciousness, activate the Krystalline DNA, Diamond Light Body and ignite the life force energy, opening a bridge to Heaven on Earth anchoring Spiritual forces from the higher dimensions of Divinity within the physical form. I do this through opening a direct pure channel to Source and bringing this energy into our physical bodies to experience illumination like the Sun fire of Creation igniting and shinning from within with the pure radiance of our Divinity. This is the gift and art I embody. Ecstatic Union with Divinity.

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