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Skywalker Healings 

The process I work with for healing is quite simple and graceful using pure Source energy, Christ Consciousness, the Divine Flames & plasma light, celestial currents, advanced DNA & kundalini life force in an inner alchemy of primal sound, light & living geometry. Sharing the energy of bliss and ecstatic union with Divinity. The self regenerative life force of our primal essence.
I open a pure channel of Spirit Source energy and ignite the primal creation fire of the solar force of consciousness to activate a regenerative field of bio-genesis that creates healing, rejuvenation and balance. This can awaken Consciousness, activate the Krystalline DNA, Diamond Light Body, Celestial Self and ignite the Kundalini life force energy, opening a bridge to Heaven on Earth anchoring Spiritual forces from the higher dimensions of Divinity within the physical form. 

I do this through opening a direct pure channel to Source and bringing this energy into our physical bodies to experience illumination like the Sun fire of Creation igniting and shinning from within with the pure radiance of our Divinity. This is the gift and art I embody.  Ecstatic Union with Divinity. 

Welcome to Skywalker Healings

Skywalker is the bridge of Heaven on Earth, a gate to Source energy and the celestial higher dimensional realms of Unity Consciousness where no separation exist. In this realm everything is possible because there are no limits to the infinite creative Source potential. It's an inner Alchemy that generates life force. With a choice of where we focus our energy with intent and direct instant manifestation. The choice is simple and pure, Union with Divinity, Prime Source, our highest and purest aspects, which naturally creates bliss and oneness, wholeness and balance. With this ecstatic sense of joy healing can naturally occur as a by product of embodying pure Divinity. As you can see, Healing is just the first step. Divinity is the goal and outcome of my work. 

High Tantra, True Union, is the link to Divinity through the path of Self Mastery and cultivation of our life force through Inner Alchemy, awakening heart Consciousness and unification of Divine Masculine and Feminine creative energies. This is conscious unification with Source. Awakening the Kundalini to build up and nourish the spiritual bodies with our life force sexual energy instead of releasing it outward, we sublimate, contain, implode and raise it inwards and upwards the spine with the activated Kundalini serpent of Fire and Light merging within the heart to ultimately fill the chalice of Wisdom --the Pineal Gland at the center of the brain (Eye of Ra)-- with Liquid Light awakening Consciousness, opening the gates of Wisdom and the Crown to commune with Divinity. This alchemy awakens the Divine Angelic Human, the Inner Master. Opening our angelic wings. Activating the Diamond Light Body and eventually leads to becoming an Enlightened Ascended Master, an Immortal. An embodiment of the Solar Logos, Cosmic Christ / Sophia.

Our spiritual divine essence is merged in physical form through our life force, our sexual life giving creative energy. Through cultivating and mastering this self regenerative quantum healing energy, we become our own internal medicine and are able to ascend into and function in the higher dimensions while providing nourishment to our physical and spiritual bodies that take place in the form of self regeneration. As we become the bridge of Heaven on Earth anchoring celestial dimensions and realities into Earth. We begin to initiate others into these dimensions and transmit the living light of Creation as Source nourishment.

The channel I work with is the central axis that connects to Prime Source Creator in a unified field of singularity where all dimensions, timelines and realities merge into Oneness, the Zero Point. From this Zero Point the Axis Mundi emerges. It is the root, pillar, light shaft and spine of Civilization, Spirit Anchor of Divinity, linking all back to Source. The Axis Mundi is the transmitter of the energy of the Divine Father Mother God/dess. Like a ray of light from which the Divine Emanations access and transmit into our reality. It is the original Tree of Life and foundation of Heaven on Earth as it literally bridges primal creation energy from the Core of Creator / Creatrix through the core of the Great Central Sun into the Galactic Core and through our Sun into our own Core directly into Gaia's core. This is the channel of liquid light. The essence of Creation. On such level there's a symbiotic alchemical unification between our own DNA, Light Body & Kundalini Life Force and the Planetary & Cosmic DNA, Light Body & Kundalini Life Force. This is the field of Bio-Genesis that births new life.

In Skywalker Healings, my intention is to work with this field of creation energy to bridge the higher realms and inner dimensions into this world and work with the creative life force to assist in uplifting humanity into new octaves of higher Consciousness & frequencies living in higher dimensional ascended realities on Earth. These realities already exist. The art is to become Conscious and create from there. It is a unified field of higher Divine Love, Light and Source Energy that uplifts and enhances life on all levels creating harmonious solar civilizations on Earth with sacred metaphysical architecture and symbiotic systems of life giving energy.

This is a very powerful healing energy for it is the source energy of Creation, the life giving force. To channel it is the art I've been blessed with and initiated into through many life times of service and purification in devotion to God/dess through the Great Work. The Supreme Alchemy.

The Union of Soul with Divinity.

There's an aspect of our Soul that is already Immortal. The Soul itself comes from the Immortal Flame of Divinity. This is the destiny of human kind. We are meant to become more than what we are now, the potential of fully attaining Divinity and Union with Source Prime Creator is always there, in fact it already is, we just have to embody it through Self Attainment. This is attainment of the True Pure Self, our Divinity. Which means letting go of everything else that is not in truth and alignment with who we are. In other words the mystical death of the ego, the psychological separate “I” that tries to control and lead the show from lower mind instead of total surrender to Divinity. This surrender is from the heart, the core of our Being, coming into direct alignment with the Prime Source of Life and Creation, God/dess, our Primal Essence. That's why I connect to the Axis Mundi in my life, work, service and healing, to be a pure channel of that which lies in the Great Beyond known as the Great Mystery, our Primal Source Existence. In this realm bliss is our natural ecstatic state and birthright. I work through Source frequency, sound, light, living geometry, kundalini, sacred fire and holy water, the primal creation powers to channel this regenerative healing life force and activate the Christ Consciousness and diamond light body establishing direct contact and experience of Divinity and Blissful Source Union.

The Solar Kryst.

Hor Skywalker


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